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Hold Back Your Thoughts

Live Like Robots

21 April 1987
My name is Lyndsey and I'm a junior in college in Texas. I am double majoring in Marketing and Public Relations and have my own apartment. I quite obsessed with Anything Dominic Monaghan, Lord of the rings, and anything Ashley Tisdale related! Sometimes I like to slip back into my old LOTR days, but only occasionally. I'm an entertainment WHORE! Which means i'll read any rag mag or watch whats on E! Everyday! Considering i'm going into the entertainment business one day, I need to keep up haha.

And my new obsession is definately THE JONAS BROTHERS!! .... Edit:// Scratch that! It is now TWILIGHT!! . lol

Kevin Jonas is my soul mate! ... And Jackson Rathbone.. and Robert Pattinson.

Wow, i'm such a whore!